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HASK Hawaiian Sea Salt Beach Texture Collection

I’m so happy it’s the weekend! It’s been a non-stop busy week so I’m thrilled to be able to sleep past 5:30 today! Today I’m talking about HASK’s new collection – their Hawaiian Sea Salt Beach Texture Collection. This collection is supposed to make your hair look like you’ve just hit the beach – in the best way possible of course. The collection consists of the: Hawaiian Sea Salt Texture Shampoo, Hawaiian Sea Salt Texture Conditioner, and Hawaiian Sea Salt Texture Salt Spray.

HASK Sea Salt Beach Texture 1
HASK Sea Salt Beach Texture

The products are formulated with “Hawaiian sea salt for beachy texture, lustrous pearl extract for nourishment, coconut oil for moisture and blue seakale to help protect hair.”

First off, I’m big on smells and these products smell divine! Seriously, as soon as I started lathering the shampoo in my hair I was instantly transported to a beach resort in Hawaii. It smells so good! It smells like you’re at a spa on a tropical island. The conditioner and texture spray are just as good. My hair smelled like I had just spent the day on a tropical beach.

I washed my hair as normal with the shampoo and then conditioner. Once my hair was just damp and no longer soaking wet, I sprayed the texture spray all over and scrunched my hair. It didn’t create wavy hair like I was expecting it to but it definitely adds texture to your hair. It felt like I had just been to the beach and the salt was in my hair giving it that extra body and texture. It had all the benefits of beach hair without the gross feeling of sand and saltwater being all over your hair. Having said that, as nice as it is to have hair with more texture (for those days you don’t want it to be super straight) and that undone look, it did cause my hair to get a bit tangled by the end of the day. Since it seemed to be getting more and more tangled as the day went on, I feel like my hair turned a bit poofy from all the knots and extra texture.

HASK Sea Salt Beach Texture 2
HASK Sea Salt Beach Texture 3
HASK Sea Salt Beach Texture 4

As you can tell from the photos, my hair looks less smooth and more texturized. It also has that messy, undone, beachy look. It may not have created beach waves, but my hair definitely looks like it just went to the beach. Honestly, I’d buy this again just for the scent!

You can pick up a collection for yourselves at Ulta and check out their Instagram page as well!

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