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Review: The Sleep Styler

A few months ago I got suckered in to watching online ads for The Sleep Styler. I enjoy curling my hair every once in a while with a traditional iron or my beloved BeachWaver, but I don’t have time in the morning before work to curl my hair. So I thought The Sleep Styler might be a good idea so that I could sleep with the soft curlers in and wake up to great hair! Although I got the set in the summer I’ve only used it a few times. So how has it been working?

First, let me explain what The Sleep Styler is in case you don’t know. They are soft, heat-free rollers. There are 2 sizes – the large and the mini. The large is for thick, long hair. The mini is for fine and/or short hair. My hair is short right now but I bought the bundle for when I have my hair long again. Each roller has a strap and velcro. After washing your hair, style it how you would normally in terms of product, and wait for it to be just damp and not sopping wet. Then, put the rollers in and go to bed (if you’re doing this overnight). In the morning, your hair should be dry and when you take the rollers out you should be left with curly hair.

Sleep Styler Rollers
Sleep Styler - Mini Roller
Sleep Styler - Mini Rollers
Sleep Styler - Hair
Sleep Styler - Hair 1

So I like the rollers but I don’t love them. They’re a little harder to put in than I thought they’d be and while the rollers are soft they’re not the most comfortable to sleep in. I mean, don’t get me wrong I have still slept through the night while wearing them but it takes a while to find a comfortable position. I basically have to dig a hole in my pillow to rest my head in. Nonetheless, they do work to put some soft curls/waves in my hair. It does leave my hair a little flat on top so I’ve used some dry shampoo to add a little volume to my roots. The waves are nice and this will be a nice way to switch up my hairstyle for the work year (and let me sleep a little longer since I won’t have to wash my hair in the morning). But in general if I want to curl my hair I’ll stick with my curling iron. These rollers make some nice waves but if you’re looking for a real curl it didn’t do that for me. It could be that my hair is short right now so the rollers don’t really do it and they’d give more of a curl for longer hair – not sure.

Like I said, I do like the curlers and will still use them but they’re not as amazing as I was hoping they’d be!

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