InStyler Max Rotating Iron

InStyler Max Rotating Iron

The last time I wrote about a hair tool (I think) was over a year ago when I talked about my love for the BeachWaver. Scratch that, I just remembered I wrote about the Sleep Styler rollers since then, but I didn’t really love those. Fortunately, I do love the tool I’m talking about today – the InStyler Max Rotating Iron!

This tool is pretty easy to use and gives the most amazing curled under looks that seriously look like you got a blow out at the salon.

I got the 1 1/4 inch barrel in purple. On one side is the round barrel and the other side is a plate lined with bristles. This one is a two-way rotating tool, but InStyler also has one-way rotating ones. You can adjust the heat level and it comes with a little pad to lay your hot tool on.

InStyler Max Rotating IronInStyler Max Rotating Iron 1InStyler Max Rotating Iron 2

I spray my hair with heat protectant and I like to use the tool on large sections of hair for a really voluminous look. Sometimes it gets a little too big, so I tried to do smaller sections than usual for these photos. I like to wrap my hair around the barrel before clamping down. Clamp the tool down close to the root and once it closes the barrel will start rotating and slowly pull through your hair down to the ends. You’ll be left with voluminous, beautiful hair!

InStyler Max Rotating Iron 3InStyler Max Rotating Iron 4InStyler Max Rotating Iron 5InStyler Max Rotating Iron 6InStyler Max Rotating Iron 7InStyler Max Rotating Iron 8

Can you believe this was done with the InStyler and no round brush or typical curling iron was used? I got the hang of this tool pretty easily and by the second time I used it I had a good handle on it. I’m able to do my whole head in less than 15 minutes now.

I seriously love this tool! I’ve used it quite a few times since I got it after Black Friday. In fact, I’ve posted a few outfits on here where I used the InStyler so you’ve actually seen my hair done using the tool before. I like the purple color, but there was a pretty hot pink one as well. That one was more expensive for some reason so I got the purple. I got it from Amazon (linked above) and when I got it it was on sale for about $20 less than the current $83 price tag. I’m not sure if it’ll go on sale again or anytime soon as I got it during Black Friday, but it’s worth checking out. Between the InStyler Rotating Iron, my BeachWaver, and my regular curling iron I’m set for a while! I do eventually want to get a wand, but I’m a little afraid I’ll burn my hand!

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