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Beach Waves with My Beachwaver

It’s back to work for me today. Cue the sad face. I think I’m still in denial that summer is over. I don’t think it will hit me until I’m in the middle of my work day today. The students don’t come back until next week, but still summer is officially over.

If you’ve been following me regularly then you may remember me gushing about the Beachwaver hair tool back a few months ago. I filmed a short video to show how easy it is to use and get those beachy waves! Of course, you can do regular tighter curls or more vintage-y looking curls with the tool too – all depending on how you hold the wand. For beach curls you are supposed to hold the wand at an angle according to the directions.

I shot this video earlier this summer when my fun purple hair underneath was still going strong. It’s faded in recent weeks to its bleached state (had to bleach it before putting the purple on top) so when I went for my recent trim my hairdresser redid my red/violet hued highlights and covered up the bottom/underneath layer. However, the blonde seems to be creeping up again! That bleach is strong.

Here’s my hair before…

Hair Pre-Beachwaver

And after…

Beachwaver Hair
Beachwaver Hair 1
Beachwaver Hair 2

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