Almost Summer – Time for a Change!

It’s almost summer and the weather is getting nicer, which made me feel like it was time for something new. I decided to cut my hair to change it up. I’ve kept my hair long for a few years now because of weddings and things, but was ready for a change. I’ve never been one to be afraid to change my hairstyle because I feel that hair grows and styles aren’t really permanent. Plus my hair grows fast so it’s not that big a deal to me. I’m not one to go super bold with my hair – partly because of my own personal style and partly because as a teacher I can’t do anything too outrageous with my appearance (in my opinion). However, I’ve never been afraid to cut my hair, get new highlights, bangs, body wave etc. To some these things might not seem like big changes, but then again I’ve also met people who think even trimming an inch off their hair is a big deal so in the end it’s all subjective.

Here is my hair before:

hair 1                                        hair 2

Here’s after:

hair 3                                        hair 4


And I got some legit purple peekaboo highlights underneath

purple hairI like my hair long and short, but this was definitely a nice change!

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