Beach Hair

Hot Weather Hair
Confession: I haven’t been to the beach yet this summer. I know, it’s horrible considering the beach isn’t that far from me. I normally go multiple times throughout the summer, but this year with all my travels and workshops, it’s been hard to find the time. And when I do have the time, like today, it’s pouring out. But I plan to go tomorrow so fingers crossed the forecast for good weather is true!
Aside from swimsuits, hair is something else to consider at the beach. Beachy waves are so pretty, which I think is fine for when you’re leaving the beach and maybe heading to get some food. However, when you’re actually on the beach, I find leaving your hair down really impractical. First off, it’s so hot out that you want to get your hair off your neck, shoulders, back. Second, there’s usually at least some wind by the water and we all know just how knotty your hair gets at the beach especially once you add salt water into the mix. Simple updos, top knots, and braids are fun beach hairstyles.
As far as products for when you leave the beach and want to freshen up but can’t shower? Dry shampoos, surf sprays and finishing sprays will help you tame your tresses and look presentable!
I’ll most likely have my hair in a high ponytail or high bun tomorrow at the beach. Do you have any go-to beach hair styles?


  1. Karen Rees

    So glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t got to the beach – funny thing is I live right on the edge of it… taking it for granted maybe? lol Great post Jamie!! Gotta try some of the surf spray – seen awesome reviews about it 🙂 X

      1. Karen Rees

        Yep, rain, rain & more rain!!! No chance of getting my flip flops out any time soon Jamie *sigh* Hope you have a lovely day at the beach lucky gal 🙂 XXXX

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