Thin Braided Headband


Thin Braided Headband

I am admittedly not good at doing hair. Besides the standard ponytails, my skills extend to blowdrying my hair with a round brush and curling my hair. I can french braid my own hair if I’m feeling patient and have a lot of time – and don’t mind the possibility that it may turn out crooked. Recently, I looked up easy braid tutorials because I really wanted to learn some more braids to attempt to do in my hair. I found this thin headband braid tutorial and it looked easy enough for me to do. It’s not a french braid, which makes it exponentially easier for me and only involves adding my hair into the braid occasionally in order to sort of anchor it down.

Patterned CardiganThin Braided Headband 1Thin Braided Headband 2Thin Braided Headband 3Thin Braided HeadbandThin Braided Headband 4

This is seriously easy and if I can do you, anyone can!

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