Sunny's Dimepiece Mac & Cheese


Mac & Cheese with Fried Onions

The Kitchen is one of my favorite shows to watch on The Food Network. I love everyone on it – though I wish Marcela was still on it – and the food on it always look so good. One of the recipe’s Sunny did last year or the year before was her Dimepiece Mac & Cheese which features fried onions on top. I tried it out and documented the process!

I stuck with the recipe so click over to Sunny’s recipe on The Food Network linked above for the all the ingredients and steps. The only thing I changed was I used a shallot instead of an onion and I finely chopped it instead of grating it because the grating was just not working for me. I also did not add in the scallions only because I didn’t have any.

I cooked the mac & cheese, and combined the italian and mexican shredded cheese blends into a large bowl. I made the sauce on the stove and then added in the macaroni and 4 cups of the cheese and mixed it all together. Then I poured the mac & cheese into my baking dish and topped it with a mixture of the remaining 2 cups of cheese and the fried onions. I baked it for 20-25 minutes at 350 and then enjoyed!

ShallotMacaroniItalian & Mexican Shredded CheeseMac & Cheese SauceSunny's Dimepiece Mac & CheeseSunny's Dimepiece Mac & Cheese 1Sunny's Dimepiece Mac & Cheese - ToppingSunny's Dimepiece Mac & Cheese 2Sunny's Dimepiece Mac & Cheese 3Sunny's Dimepiece Mac & Cheese 4Sunny's Dimepiece Mac & Cheese 5Sunny's Dimepiece Mac & Cheese 6Sunny's Dimepiece Mac & Cheese 7

This is a great mac & cheese recipe and not too soupy which is the kind I don’t like. The fried onions are actually a great addition! It adds some depth to the flavor and some saltiness which goes so well with the creamy cheese.

It’s still not my go-to mac & cheese recipe but one that I enjoy and will make again. In fact I have made it multiple times already!

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