3 Ways To Improve Your Home This Winter

When winter rolls around we all tend to all want to batten down the hatches and hibernate for a  few months. We spend a lot more time inside our homes than we normally do as our gardens become out of bounds and we rush home on those darker evenings. As such, it is an ideal time to spend a little time getting various jobs done around your home, which is why today we are sharing with you 3 ways to improve your home this winter. 


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Make sure that your home is insulated properly
This one will make such a difference to you, both in terms of feeling the benefits and seeing the reduced heating bills. Make some time to ensure that your home is insulated properly ready for this winter. 

The first obvious sign to look for are any drafts coming from your doors, windows, joists and floorboards. You might find that you can seal them easily or perhaps you need new window frames which you can order from somewhere such as fensterusa.com

Your floorings might benefit from a thin layer of insulating underlay and then go and check that your insulation is to the recommended standard in your attic.  


Choose a room to redecorate
It can be fun to redecorate your home. It tends to bring it back to life again for you and make it a more enjoyable environment. However we would not recommend that you tackle the entire house, just choose one room to do from season to season to keep things fresh whilst still being manageable.

If you are unsure which room to tackle first, we would suggest that you go for either the one that has waited the longest to receive an update, or the one that you spend the most time in. 

If you go for a living room, you could work on adding the cosy factor to make it inviting during the winter months. Give it a warm color scheme, add tactile soft furnishings and set it all off with low lighting. 

If you are having guests over to stay during the holiday season, perhaps the guest room would benefit from a few new touches. New paint or wallpaper on the walls, some new accessories and bed linen will give it a completely different look. 


Landscape your garden
This one might seem like an odd choice for the colder months, but bear with us and it will make sense!

Most people choose to redesign and work on their garden during the milder and warmer months. As such, now can be a great time to get that landscaper that you would like to work with as this will be their quiet season. You will also find plenty of great deals around on any structural items and plants that you need. 

You might want to lay a new path, add a shed or greenhouse or add a brand new seating area out there. Shop around and you will find that there are bargains to be had. 

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