Five Places Your Home Could Be Vulnerable To A Break In

We all want to have a home that’s well protected, and to our knowledge, we believe our homes to be safe. However, there are likely to be areas in your home that are still vulnerable. Here are five places your home could be vulnerable to a break in. The sooner you can fix the issues, the better it is for your own peace of mind.


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Damaged Ground Floor Windows
Start with ground floor windows because they are the most easily accessible to a person wanting to break into your home. Some ground floor windows can be ignored when they’ve started to become warped, rotten or just not very secure in its security. It’s a good thing to do a regular check around your windows and doors to ensure everything is as it should be. For a start, the locks that secure your windows should be fully functional, and any keys should be removed from the locks themselves. Look at the seel around the window and check that the window frame doesn’t feel loose to the touch. These quick checks on a regular basis can help to tighten your security through the most vulnerable parts of your home.


The Front Door
You wouldn’t think a person would be brave enough to go in through your front door, but there are some brazen individuals out there who will do just that. There’s also the fact that a lot of people will leave their front door key close by, whether it’s in the lock itself or on a side table. Try to avoid this because if they look through the letterbox or a flap, they’ll attempt to get in through this method. It’s always good to have anything valuable away from the front door too. You can get your safe from Fort Knox Safes Houston and have this nearby to you for easy access. Think about getting the most secure door when it comes to your main outdoor ones because these are what stands in between you and the outside world. Having good quality materials and virtually indestructible locks is certainly handy.


Climbable Trees Or Outdoor Furniture
Any trees that are near your property or outdoor objects like a treehouse or furniture that can allow access to your home should be removed. Either that or you make the necessary changes to ensure they’re not too close to the home. It can be very easy for someone to climb if it’s climbable and if that allows them onto the lower roofing of your house or through an open window, it can be dangerous. Try to keep windows closed and locked where possible and do your best to remove these objects that allow for easy access.


On Social Media
Not all vulnerable places are around your home. Social media has become something at least most people have one platform, and we often put so many details on there. We mention when we go on holiday, what we’re doing at home etc. And although it’s nice to show it to friends and family, it’s important to be wary that you might have others looking that have criminal intentions. When mentioning your holidays, try not to be specific on when you’re going or for how long. By saying you’re away from your home for a period of time, means that your home is left available for anyone who knows your address. Sometimes, it’s the friends and family members that have used this information against you in order to infiltrate your home.

Keep your personal information private and try not to let anyone know when you’re away or inside your home alone. These are both very obvious mistakes to make, but we often don’t realise it.


Basement Hatches
And finally, basement hatches, although they’re quickly accessible for you, they don’t make for a good secure entrance to your home. Try to be wary about the material you use, rather than using something like wood, for example which can be broken. As it’s outdoors too, it might weaken due to weather conditions, so always check that it’s still secure if you have one. If you can, try to put a secure pincode lock on it, rather than your standard one and check that it makes your doors just as strong as a door handle lock.

Your home has vulnerable spots, but if you can strengthen them using these tips, then you’ll sleep much easier at night time, knowing you and your family are safe. Always be wary and cautious.

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