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How Many Children Is Too Many?

When you’re thinking of starting a family, it’s common to ask yourself how many children you want to have. Some parents would prefer that their child had a brother or sister to grow up with, while others feel that the financial implications of having multiple children are a little too much to cope with. Some people prefer to have very large families, and others are put off by the idea once they experience what being in labour is actually like.

In this post, we’re going to talk about a number of factors that could affect how many children you could or should be having.


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The financial impact of multiple children
The costs of raising a child can vary a lot, so it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact value. However, if it’s safe to say that having an extra child will multiply the costs of everything. This can get incredibly expensive, especially if you need to move into a different home or renovate your house to support more children. While it’s possible in the beginning to use bunk beds and have your kids share their room, they’re eventually going to need more space and a private area of their own.

While you can technically save money during their formative years, there is a point where you will need to consider spending more money. For instance, if your car can easily hold five people, then you could think about setting your limit to 3 children. This leaves enough space for you, your partner and your three children in the car. If you have a 4th child, then you’re going to need to buy a bigger car. You could also apply this to your home. For instance, if you want each child to have their own room, the limit could be the number of spare bedrooms you currently have.

If you feel that the financial impact of having multiple children is too much of a burden, you may want to consider looking at a vasectomy cost to guarantee that you and your partner can continue being intimate while preventing the possibility of having children. 


The social impact of multiple children
Several decades ago, having a single child had a stigma attached to it. Today, it’s a little different given the financial circumstances that we have to work with, and it’s actually relatively common to have just a single child because it’s a lot more financially stable.

However, there are also social and psychological aspects that you need to think about. For example, parents that only have one or two children have a lot less to focus on. It’s far less intense and requires a bit less work on your part. In terms of the social aspect, your child will have a much easier time developing social skills if they have siblings to grow up with. That’s not to say that a single child will have difficulty developing social skills, but it can be accelerated if they have a sibling.

In short, having multiple children has its advantages for the development of your child and also on your financial situation. The limit will be based on your financial circumstances, your patience and also the home you currently own.

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