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What to Consider Before Getting a Piercing

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Whilst most of us now get our ears pierced as a matter of course, piercings in other areas of your body are less common. Now, a piercing can be a great way to accessorize and express your personality. If done right, they can be stunning, transforming your look into something a little edgier but still feminine and stylish. However, as gorgeous as they may be, it’s important to remember that this is at the very least a semi-permanent change to your body, which carries a risk of infection and other considerations. Just like a tattoo, there are certain things you should think about before committing to a piercing, so you know it’s the right decision for you.

Care and Hygiene

If you’ve already researched piercings, you’ll know that the major risk of a new piercing is that of infection. The risk is different depending on where the piercing is, with belly piercings carrying the highest chance of infection during the initial healing process. As you get a piercing, you will be advised to take several measures to care for it, including regularly cleaning with salt-water, avoiding activities such as swimming, and keeping it covered initially so it doesn’t become irritated. You’ll need to consider if you’re committed and able to keep to all these guidelines before you get your piercing – for example, if you’re about to go on holiday to the beach, the likelihood you’ll stay out of water is minimal, so don’t get a piercing just before you go!


It’s not enough to know you want a piercing. You’ll need to know exactly where you want it as well! Different locations have different effects on your appearance. It’s hard to hide a nose piercing, for example, whereas a stomach piercing is a more private affair. One fairly tame option, great for piercing-beginners, is in the ear cartilage, allowing you to wear gorgeous new earrings and adding a bit of extra sparkle whilst staying subtle.


After you’ve decided on placing, your next decision will be about decoration. Piercing rings and studs come in all shapes and sizes, from simple gold and silver bands, to intricate designs, to jeweled options such as the opal septum ring at Urban Body Jewelry. What will fit your style and look the best? It’s important to know your own mind, and go in with a clear idea of what you want – don’t let the people at the salon impose their own style onto you! Always remember you have control over your own body.

Workplace Suitability

Finally, you should always consider the workplace suitability of any new piercing or body modification. You might desperately want a lip piercing to complement your personal style, but if you work somewhere where they are prohibited, you don’t want to risk losing your job by being unaware of this. Sure, you might be able to remove a piercing for work, but this is difficult in the first few weeks after the procedure when you’ll need to keep the stud or ring in place so the piercing can heal properly without infection. It’s always worth discussing this with your workplace, so you can make your stylish piercing choice with fear of any repercussions!

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