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It pays to do a bit of research before you put your best foot forward on Instagram, you don’t want to have to back pedal, delete some pictures and come back with a new style for the season. Instead, do some good research first, find out what’s on trend and what is likely to work for your best on I Stalham this year. Below are five ideas. 

Patchwork Denims

If you love wearing denims then there’s good news for you in 2021. They are back in fashion, but not like you knew them before. For a long time denims have been a staple wardrobe essential but the flare has long ago disappeared for them, until now. 

This year on the Best Instagram Fans Accounts, look out for patchwork denims, you might see them on celebrity or influencer accounts. The good news is you can wear them too. Make your own using old denim or buy them pre made from an online shop – you won’t be disappointed. 

Decorative Rings 

Do you sometimes scroll through Instagram and come across a decorative ring? It might have the image of a sea animal on it or perhaps a shell. Normally these decorative rings are unique and inspiring to catch your interest. If you normally browse over them it might be time to pause and investigate. 

The decorative rings being sold on Instagram are also appearing in the posts of celebrities and influences, turning the whole thing into a stylistic trend like never before. If you find one that suits your style or sensibility why not snap it up.

Smock Dresses 

If you like to wear dresses you should definitely have a smock dress in your wardrobe this year and on your Instagram newsreel. Smock dresses are loose fitting and patterned, a style you might associate with a country girl, but they’re all the rage online in 2021.

A smock dress is light, comfortable, and super flexible, you can easily wear them on formal occasions and more casually with a pair of tight jeans underneath. Expect to see a lot of these on Instagram this year, especially as we approach the spring. 

The Sweater Vest

Think of a golf sweater with a V-neck bit without any sleeves. This sweater usually has a colourful or interesting pattern on the front and underneath a blouse is worn with various colors that offset the patterns. These sweater vests are growing in popularity. 

You will see a lot of these sweater vests on Instagram this year. They provide both men and women a chance to look sharp and hip at the same time. They are also versatile since they allow several creative options to be worn underneath. 

Hair Claws 

Are you wondering what to do with your hair this year to make it different and help it stand out on Instagram? Look no further than the hair claw. You may not have seen one since the nineties but they are back in fashion and for a good reason. 

With a hair claw you can wear your hair up or half down, you can also wear it on a French Twist if you prefer. A hair claw gives you several options for creative hair but they also look great on Instagram. Hair claws are available in several colors and stand out in photographs.

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