Ice Swirls

Ice Swirls

Happy Friday! This felt like such a long week and Friday took its sweet time to get here, but it’s finally here. Today I’m doing a throwback, #fbf, of the prettiest swirls of ice swirls on my car. I can’t recall ever seeing these kinds of swirls on my car before. Now, the wild thing is these photos aren’t from the recent icy weather we had a few days ago nor is it from my snow day back in December. I took these photos on Halloween!

Isn’t it so pretty?! Does anyone know how this happens?

Anyway, I remember this was on Halloween because I was on my way to take fall photos with Lauren and I was shocked to see my car was all icy. My door was actually frozen shut and I had to really yank it open. I remember texting her that I was going to be a little late because my car was frozen! There was no ice or snow on the ground. In fact it looked like a perfect fall day, so it was so strange and crazy that this is what my car looked like!

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