Things You Do That Leads to Weak and Damaged Hair

Everyone wants to have that gorgeous, healthy-looking hair. Unfortunately, most of us need to do more than the regular washing and brushing to achieve shiny tresses. Not everyone is born with great hair from the start. An even smaller number of people have naturally beautiful hair that requires little-to-no maintenance. But did you know that more often than not, you are already committing these deadly hair sins that lead to even more damaged hair?

Using the Wrong Shampoo

With all the kinds of shampoos being sold I the market, it can be very hard to find the right shampoo that suits your hair type. Many shampoo manufacturers claim their products can fix damaged hair with continued use. But if you’ve been using the same product for a while now and you see no progress, then it could only mean you are using the wrong shampoo.

According to hair experts, the best shampoos are chemical-free ones. There are shampoos made with natural ingredients, making them gentler on your hair. The lesser chemicals found in the shampoo, the better.

For instance, there are natural shampoos meant for hair loss. If your main problem is your weak, falling hair, look for a gentle shampoo withArganOil. There are shampoos made with natural ingredients that can help you achieve your hair goals with continued use.

Prolonged Use of Hair Styling Products

You may already know that too much heat can damage your hair. So why continuously use your blow-dryer, curler, or hair straightener? Every once in a while, make sure to give your hair a break from all the hair styling products you use.

If you really need to make sure your long locks will look picture perfect each day, you can opt to style your hair naturally. Instead of a hairdryer, wake up extra early and air dry your hair. Don’t rub your hair with a towel and use an old t-shirt to dry your hair.

If you need curly locks, try a few heatless hair curling alternatives. Can’t go without curling or strengthening your hair? Be sure to invest in a heatprotectantserum.

Poor Diet and Hydration

How you take care of your body can also affect hair health. Without proper nutrition and adequate hydration, your hair won’t get the right nutrients needed to keep itself healthy, strong, and shiny. So, the next time you’re thinking of skipping breakfast or you intend to eat mainly junk foods, just think about how it can affect your hair.

There are lots of food you can indulge in for healthier hair.

  • Foods rich in healthy omega-3 like mackerel, salmon, and sardines for full and shiny hair
  • Greek yogurt, which is packed with protein, can help against thinning hair and hair loss
  • Foods rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C,folate, iron and beta carotene, such as kale and spinach keeps hair moisturized
  • For thin hair, get meat from lean poultry like turkey or chicken
  • Sprinkle cinnamon on your toast, coffee, or oatmeal to promote better blood circulation into yourhairfollicles
  • Eggs are rich in biotin which helps with hair growth and in strengthening your hair and nails

Aside from proper nutrition, make sure to keep yourself hydrated if you want healthy hair. Aside from water, you can go for kiwi juice and mixed fruit juices. You can also opt to take hair growth vitamins.

Poor Hair Brushing Techniques

Brushing hair itself is not the problem. But if you brush your locks from the top moving down, you’re already doing it wrong. You need to make sure you brush starting from the ends first to detangle your hair before making your way up.

If you still have pesky knots, use a hairdetangler. This can be a lifesaver especially if you are already running late.

Another brushing mistake is to brush your hair while it is still wet. Allow it to air dry for up to 80% before brushing. Use a brush for wet hair after shower brushing.

Brush your hair twice a day only. Remember that too much of a good thing can quickly turn bad.Overbrushingwill only irritate your scalp and stress your hair strands. If you have textured and curly hair, only brush before you shampoo.

Lastly, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all hairbrush for everyone. Different brushes exist because they serve different purposes. Be sure you invest in the right hairbrush.

How many of these hair care sins are you guilty of? The good news is, you can still correct your ways and start your road to a better hair care routine. Avoiding these hair care mistakes will help you achieve shinier, healthier, and fuller-looking hair in time.

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