Book Review: Under Your Skin

Last week I read Rose McClelland’s novel Under Your Skin. The novel takes places in Northern Ireland, either in or around the Belfast area (I don’t quite remember if they specified). The novel is told from multiple perspectives and centers around Hannah, a woman who is missing. Hannah is in her 30s, has a career, a successful, handsome, and charming husband, and a beautiful home. What could go wrong?

Hannah’s husband Kyle calls the police frantic one day when he comes home from work to find that Hannah has not returned from work. He begins organizing search parties and online campaigns to help find his wife when he feels the police aren’t doing enough.

But when we read from Hannah’s perspective, their seemingly happy marriage isn’t all that happy. Could Kyle have something to do with her disappearance?

Add in a drinking problem Hannah has developed during her unhappy marriage, a potentially over friendly male coworker, and Kyle’s all-too close relationship with Julia, a woman who joins the #FindHannah campaign and the novel will keep you guessing what’s really going on.

I found myself wanting to read chapter after chapter of this book to find out what the truth was, but I didn’t find the characters all that likable. A lot of books will have characters do questionable things here and there or something stupid, which I get because it’s realistic and relatable. No one is perfect obviously. But, I felt that every character in this book was constantly making poor choices. One after another after another. So overall, I liked the story because it kept me guessing what the real truth was going to be, but didn’t love the characters.

It is a quick read and if you’re a fan of the Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train type mysteries then this could be a good read for you!

*I was sent this novel complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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