Book Review: Hawthorn Woods

In the mood for a mystery book? I recently read Hawthorn Woods by Patrick Canning and I got really into it. The year is 1989 and the location is Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.

Still getting over her divorce, Francine travels from San Francisco to Hawthorn Woods to house sit for her sister while she goes on a long-awaited honeymoon with her husband.

Francine figures a two-week stay in a small, quiet town will be just what she needs to finally get over her ex-husband who is newly engaged. But, her sister’s neighborhood in Hawthorn Woods is anything but the sleepy, quiet community she thought it was. The neighborhood seems to be filled with secrets and Francine not only finds herself in the middle of it all, but investigating.

As usual, I don’t want to say too much and give away spoilers, but I will say this. When the story was first getting started there is a character, Magdalena, who is Russian and I thought to myself “I bet one of the secrets is going to have to do with Russian spies”, because the story takes place in the 80s. But, it doesn’t! You’ll have to read to see what the mystery really is. Also, I will say that I’m usually pretty good at being able to figure out what the outcome of a mystery will be or who a killer is, etc. or at least having a couple possibilities in mind and one of them being right a lot of the time. But, there was a twist to this story that I did not see coming at all and I literally said “WHAT” when it was revealed.

I really enjoyed this book and found it to be a fast read!

*I was sent this book complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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