Season of the Witch

Earlier this month I had plans with friends to go apple picking, but we had to cancel. Since I had plans to do a blog post about apple picking and that wasn’t happening I started to think of other fall type things I could write about. Inspiration struck me that same day and I filmed the below Reels!

I was racking my brain trying to think of what I could do when I randomly came up with this idea. I would walk through the garden gate in my parents’ backyard but then disappear! Magic! It took a few tries to get the filming right in terms of the same distance etc as the first half of the clip and then to get the door to slam shut without me being in the shot, etc.

I thought it was perfect for Halloween. I also thought it was perfect because I could get into a brief throwback story. When I was little, I used to want to be a witch. But not a scary, evil witch. I think it’s because I saw Sabrina the Teenage Witch – the movie that was made with Melissa Joan Hart before the tv show started – when I was younger. Movies like that, that made witchcraft seem magical and fun and not dark and scary. Anyway, I thought it would be so fun to do spells and be able to snap my fingers to get things done. I even took a notebook or binder and tried writing spells which was basically just things I wrote that rhymed. So a witch poet basically.

Anyone else do something similar?

I hope you enjoy the Reels I made! It turned out so much cooler than I thought it would and I love it!

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