View from Denali Princess Lodge

Alaska Vacation – Part 1 on YouTube

Hey all, part 1 of my Alaska Vacation is up on my YouTube channel! Seeing as how my trip was a total of 12 days including travel days, I decided the best way to split up my videos was to make 3 videos, each video highlighting 4 days. So this first video highlights Days 1-4 of my Land + Cruise vacation of Alaska. Plus, breaking it up into 3 videos is much more manageable both for me to create and you to watch.

View from Denali Princess Lodge
View from Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge

In the video you will see:

  • me traveling to Alaska
  • how the sun is still going strong at 11pm in the Land of the Midnight Sun
  • the riverboat ride I went on in Fairbanks
  • exploring some of Denali National Park
  • Mt. Denali coming out of hiding – only 30% of travelers ever get to see Mt. Denali so I’m very lucky – after a relaxing horse drawn wagon ride where we also panned for gold and toasted marshmallows

I hope you enjoy the video and coming along with me on this trip! Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 coming in the next few weeks!


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