Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips

Tulips @ Holland Ridge Farms

I’m a bit late with this post as tulip season is pretty much over, but better late than never! 2 weeks ago I went down to Holland Ridge Farms, which you got a glimpse of when I posted my striped midi jumpsuit, to see the tulips. I saw a bunch of photos of the farm online and wanted to see it for myself just before the season was over. It’s supposedly the largest tulip farm on the east coast, so I had to go!

There were a ton of people there despite going on a week day and I should’ve worn closed toe shoes since it was pretty dusty, but overall it was a beautiful day and the rows of tulips were gorgeous! The farm is a pick-your-own, but I decided not to take any home. Since it was nearing the end of the season they were all fully bloomed with some starting to droop so I didn’t think it was worth taking any home. Nonetheless, the field was a scene of the most beautiful colors.

Holland Ridge Farms - TulipsHolland Ridge Farms - Tulips 1Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 2Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 3Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 4Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 5Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 6Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 7Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 8Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 9Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 10Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 11Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 12Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 13Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 14Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 15Holland Ridge Farms - Tulips 16

Next year I’ll have to go a bit earlier so I can take some flowers home! The farm is closed for tulips now and the website says they’re preparing for sunflowers. I’m not a big fan of sunflowers, but who knows, maybe I’ll go to check them out anyway!

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