How To Plan The Perfect Camping Trip

Camping is the ideal way to reconnect with your surroundings, but it takes considerable thought and planning to arrange the perfect trip. Thankfully, this guide contains everything that you need to know to organize the most amazing camping trip ever, so what are you waiting for? Read on to uncover some of the handiest hacks that you can utilize today so that you can experience the perfect camping trip in no time at all! 

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Choose The Right Spot 

Choosing the wrong location for your camping trip could have a dramatic impact on the overall experience, as you need to be able to identify a safe yet rural spot that allows you to be immersed in nature without putting yourself or your family in danger. Attempting to camp at a remote spot that’s tricky to hike to may not be a good idea if you’re a novice camper, as a whole host of different issues could cause you to get stuck in a tricky situation from inaccessibility to lack of phone signal for emergencies. Instead, find a registered camping spot or visit a small, contained area of natural beauty that doesn’t pose the risk of getting lost or encountering dangerous terrain. When you finally put up your tent, be sure to choose the right spot – somewhere that’s on a flat clearing, away from the base of a hill so that no run off water could crash into your tent during a storm is usually your best bet. Look out for potential issues like fresh animal tracks (you don’t want to camp right next to a bear’s nest), and always make a note of your camping spot on a map so that you can easily travel back to your car or the nearest town whenever you need to. 

Be Thorough When Packing

Packing up all of your equipment is one of the most time consuming features of a camping trip, as it can take an age to evaluate what you do and don’t need to bring with you on your journey through the great outdoors. It’s always a good idea to lay the best foundations by visiting a quality provider such as EcoGearFX that can offer army-grade outdoor equipment, as you can source an army-style backpack that will hold an enormous amount of stuff without being too uncomfortable. You’ll need a tent of course, but you’ll also need items to go inside your tent that make the space more livable. You may wish to pack a couple of roll up matts that can be placed underneath your sleeping bag for extra comfort, or install an insect net so that you can keep the creepy crawlies at bay. Next, think about your explorations and what equipment you may need to enjoy your adventure to the fullest, packing items such as a torch, water bottle, high energy food, and any protective clothing like a rainproof jacket that will keep you dry in the event of a shower. 

Planning the perfect camping trip has never been so simple! 

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