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A Case of Memories: Downsizing Your Life Properly

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Whether you are planning to sell your home or just want to make a few changes in your life, downsizing can have many benefits. If you are looking to make a change from a large property to a smaller one, there are plenty of things that you need to consider. Let’s show you some of the basics. 

Start Planning Early

You need to give yourself plenty of time because it will take longer than you think. This is especially true when you are looking at what type of phone to move into. You may consider something like off the plan apartments which is where the apartment hasn’t been built yet, but you have a share in a plot of land. On the other hand you may want to look at the bigger picture and consider moving to a location where you will end up retiring. Whatever your plans may or may not be, you’ve got to give it the time it deserves. 

Remove Rooms You Will Not Have in Your New Home

When it comes to decluttering your property, you’ve got to make sure you are getting rid of things that don’t add value to your life anymore. But also, you’ve got to start thinking smaller. If you are moving to a new apartment for a smaller home, you’ve got to remember that you will not necessarily have an office space or a garage. At this point, it’s a good idea to think about removing and selling items that you would tend to have in the spaces. 

Start to Reduce Your Collections

If you have spent a lot of time gathering collections like snow globes or dolls, it may be very difficult to part with them. While there are options like storage that may prove useful if you are trying to get into the decluttering mindset, pick a couple that you want to keep and get rid of the rest. If you want to keep the memories, you could take high-resolution photos and you can enjoy the memories. 

Give Yourself Time to Reminisce

Moving on is a great thing for us because we are progressing to the next stage of our lives, but there will be times when we don’t want to empty the kids’ bedrooms, but it’s ok to take the opportunities to enjoy that wave of nostalgia. Ultimately, this is why we start the process early. When we take the opportunities to think about those moments when our children took their first steps or clutch a teddy tight that our child loved as a baby it’s about the feeling, not necessarily the object. 

Take the Opportunity to Make New Memories

There is a reason why you decided to downsize and move on. If your children are getting older, or they are moving on themselves, make the moments you have with them as amazing as possible. Downsizing is not downgrading your life, and it can be one of those things that feels like you are shutting off one part of your life. It doesn’t have to be like this.

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