Book Review: The Order of Time and Odin’s Door

Last fall I read and reviewed The Order of Time by Scott P. Southall. The author was kind enough to reach out to me about the second book in his series and send me an advanced copy!

The Order of Time and Odin’s Door picks up shortly after the first book ends. Twin 12 year olds, Anastasia and Edward, are on their way to London with Dr. G. to meet with The Order of Time and answer questions about their actions in ancient Egypt. They broke a slew of rules and since they aren’t members of The Order they may have ruined their chances of ever being invited in. But while in London things go wrong and they are sent back thousands of years to the time of vikings.

After getting their bearings, Anastasia and Edward help Soren – the new Jarl of the Iron Blades – and his cousin Erik the Red (and father of Leif Erikson). They must avenge Soren’s father who was killed by Niddhogg, an ancient dragon in Norse mythology, and protect Odin’s Door before Loki can use it to get back to Asgard.

The novel is just as fun as the first book and I got quite attached to the viking characters!

It’s a fun read, especially for younger middle school aged readers.

The book comes out January 20!

*I was sent this book complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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