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Preparing Your Home For Sale

If you are wanting to sell your home then there are some things that need doing before you even think about putting it on the market. In order to get your home sale-ready, you need to make it look brand new. Take a look at the list below for some ideas on how you can get your home in ship shape condition ready to sell. 

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Get Rid Of Junk

One of the first things you need to do is spend a little while decluttering your home. When potential buyers come to look around your property they will be looking to see how much space they have to play with. If your home is full of unnecessary clutter then they won’t be able to do this and you may lose a sale. People also like to envision their own belongings filling the space, again not possible if you have all your stuff occupying it. 

Go through each room and create four piles. These should consist of the items you want to keep but need to put away, stuff you want to throw away, stuff you want to sell, and items that are to be donated. 

Clean It Up

Once you have decluttered your home it is time to clean it. This needs to be a thorough deep clean, much more in-depth than the weekly cleans. This is the time you pull everything out and clean behind and underneath it. Areas to focus on including the bathroom to get rid of any black mold that has formed, and the kitchen to make sure the sink and washing up area are sparkling. You will also need to pay close attention to the baseboards to ensure they are free from dirt and dust. 

Cleaning the floors is also essential before you open your home up to visits. If you have hard flooring you should spend time sweeping it, mopping it, and then steaming it to ensure there are no germs and dirt left over. If you have carpets it will be a little more arduous, you will need to hoover them and then shampoo them. When you shampoo your carpets you will be amazed at the dirt that comes out. 

Carry Out Repairs

Lastly, one final thing to mention is the need to carry out repairs on your property. You might have a long to-do list that you have been putting off as they are not important. All repairs are now important if you want to sell your home for a great price. Potential buyers do not want to move into a home that requires work, if they wanted to do that they would buy a house at auction. They want a home that is move-in ready that needs nothing doing. 

Areas to watch out for include the roof, if your roof is leaking then this could spiral into an expensive disaster. Another thing to make sure is that your plumbing is all in working order, if you have a toilet or drain that gets blocked often, maybe it is time to call out the plumber. You could even look into sewer drain cleaning as a way of completely eradicating the problem. 

We hope you found this article helpful and you manage to get your home sale-ready. Once you have done all of the above it is time to call in the realtor and get your home on the market. 

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