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5 Genius Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden So You’ll Want to Spend More Time Outside

It’s hard to want to spend time out of doors when your garden isn’t up to scratch. Fortunately, you can read all about how to rectify this in the post below. 

Invest in some colorful pots 

One of the most straightforward ways to spruce up your garden is to invest in some colorful pots for planting. You can go big and get large glazed or terracotta pots, or go small and opt for metal pots with hooks to hang over your fence, each in a different color so they create a pleasing rainbow effect. 

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Feel free to extend the use of color to other areas of your garden too. Indeed, you can transform the look of your outside space by using paint or a tinted varnish on your wooden panels or wooden garden furniture. 

Pay attention to your pavings 

Most gardens include either a patio or some sort of path. However, these are the areas that can wear quickly and become not only unsightly but dangerous too. 

With that in mind, keeping your pavings in the best condition is recommended. To do this you will need to regularly weed the spaces in between the stones, as well as use a power washer to keep the area as clean as possible. 

Be sure to replace any stones that become cracked or damaged with age too. You may even wish to remove all your paving and relay it or install a deck instead.  

Tidy up your borders 

Unless you are going for a very deliberate cottage garden look, then having defined flower borders is a must. Indeed, by making sure there is a clear delineation between the lawn and your borders you can make your garden a much more visually pleasing space in which to spend time. 

To help you complete this task, invest in a lawn edger, as this will ensure you get crisp, straight lines. You may also wish to use wooden or plastic edging materials to further reinforce the area and create an even more attractive look. 

Invest in a new garden feature

Many different types of features can add value to your garden and encourage you to spend more time outside. On the lower end of the price scale, there is something as simple as a bird feeder which can provide a great amount of joy. 

However, if you have a larger budget to work with you will want to opt for a great-looking pool instead. Indeed, a pool is a feature that not only instantly improves the look of your garden but can provide endless entertainment and fun as well. 

Of course, when installing such a feature you must contact at least a few pool installation companies in your area so you can compare the prices they offer. Although do remember to get details on the service they offer too, as not all pool companies offer the same things to their clients. 

Make use of cover plants 

Bare soil can make even the most beautiful garden look dull and depressing. However, there is no need to get caught up in a long wait for your plants to grow and bloom. Instead, you can use cover plants in the meantime. 

These plants like primroses, which are easy even for the novice gardener to grow, will flower while you are waiting for the plants underneath. This makes them the perfect way to have all year cover and to keep your garden looking gorgeous. 

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