Writing Update: Short Fairytale

Finally Friday. It’s been a draining week.

So last week the results for Round 2 of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge were released. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to Round 3. I was prepared for that though so I wasn’t too disappointed. I knew the field had narrowed considerably – it went from 6,000 participants in round 1 to around 1,200 in round 2. I also knew my story wasn’t as good as it could have been since I had started from scratch on the day it was due. However, I did get an honorable mention so it wasn’t all bad news!

I haven’t felt motivated to write lately, but I’m trying. So I did a Wattpad competition just for fun. A fairytale one to be exact. It was a 2,500 word fairytale challenge and the criteria was to incorporate at least 2 fairytale sayings from a list into the story.

My fairytale is called Perfectly Imperfect and it’s about a princess who is in love with her best friend. She thinks she is plain and goes to a witch for help to transform herself into a great beauty. Will that make him fall in love with her?

The two sayings I used were:

“The wind was cold and the air was crisp. Suddenly I heard a scream.”

“There are many kinds of joy, but they all lead to one: the joy to be loved.”

I’m not sure when the winner will be announced for this contest, but if you’re interested in checking out my story you can click here .

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