Great Hobbies To Try This Winter

Great Hobbies To Try This Winter

Winter is not the most beloved period in the U.S since only 1 in 10 Americans call it their favorite season, according to a 2013 CBS News Poll. The chill of the winter season often brings a restlessness associated with the necessity of remaining indoors for warmth. If you are in warmer areas like Hawaii, Florida, and Southern California, you may not require a significant change to your regular activities during this period. However, living in colder regions like the Northeast and Midwest will necessitate finding engaging hobbies to get rid of your cabin fever. Here are some of the best hobbies worth trying this winter.

  1. Photography

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There is no denying that winter offers great lighting for taking memorable photographs fit for frames. As such, this is the best time to get out there and capture scenic weather and landscapes. You don’t even need a high-end camera to get started as a photographer since many modern smartphones can capture stunning photos. In addition, you won’t struggle to find photo-worthy scenes during winter since even areas around your home are transformed by the ice or snow. You can also head up to local viewpoints to capture images of storm clouds rolling in over your town or city. These pictures can remain on your smartphone or camera, but consider sharing them online on City-Data and Google Maps. You can even make money by selling your best pictures on a stock photography website, so keep this in mind.

  1. Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is a sport that several people have adopted as a serious hobby. It involves riding a snowmobile, also called a motor sled, snow scooter, or skimobile, on ice or snow. These motorized vehicles are designed for winter travel and recreation on snow and do not require roads or trails. Therefore, investing in Polaris snow mobiles and other alternatives is worth considering to explore the great outdoors during winter, whether you are a crossover, trail, or mountain rider.

  1. Bird watching

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The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service estimates that about 45 million Americans are bird watchers. Winter is the next best time for bird watching besides spring, particularly if you reside in the warmer states. Not all birds migrate south during winter, so you will see woodpeckers, cardinals, bluebirds, and many other year-round birds on your adventures. During winter, northern birds like juncos, crossbills, and redpolls are also easier to spot because they depart from their remote boreal habitats and make more frequent appearances in backyards and local refuges. 

You can start bird-watching by searching for free birding hikes at your local nature preserves. Websites of well-known birding areas also typically list active species in their area during this period. The basics of bird watching are simple; you should bring along binoculars to identify the bird correctly and dress to blend in with the surroundings by wearing brown and green clothing. Additionally, sit still and quiet and let the birds come to you. Finally, bring along a notebook to write down essential information like the bird’s appearance details.

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