Book Boyfriends Part 2

In May, I did a post with a roundup of my book boyfriends. I’m back with part 2!

  • Nicolas Russo from The Sweetest Oblivion. Nicolas or Nico or Ace is from the first book in the Made series. My review for this mafia romance story will be up in a few days. He’s the head of his family, 29, tall, dark, and handsome. He’s an alpha male, but only has eyes for Elena Abelli.
  • Ethan Thomas from The Unhoneymooners. For the years Olivia has known Ethan, she has believed he hated her and was a big grump. When they end up having to pretend they’re newlyweds on vacation in Hawaii she sees his friendlier, looser side. She also realizes just how hot he is.
  • Tom Valeska in 99 Percent Mine. Darcy has always had a thing for Tom since they were kids, but he was always more her twin brother’s friend than hers. Now they’re all grown up and he’s still everything she ever wanted. Kind, protective, tall, strong, and ruggedly handsome.
  • Brendan Taggert in It Happened One Summer. What is not to love about a grumpy sea captain with rugged good looks, loyal to a fault, and working one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. He’s serious and super responsible all the time, but Piper Bellinger breathes new life into him.
  • Fox Thornton in Hook, Line, & Sinker. He’s all the same things as Brendan, but less rugged in the ruggedly handsome category and definitely less grumpy! Easy going and a ladies’ man until he meets Hannah.
  • Alex Nilsen in People We Meet on Vacation – I think at one part in the book Alex is described as looking like a hot librarian haha. Anyway, he’s tall and in good shape. He’s so good to Poppy and always there for her, until their rift at least, although I’m sure if she called him needing help during their 2 years of not really speaking, he would’ve come to her in a heartbeat.
  • Hunt Athalar in Crescent City House of Earth & Blood. Hunt is my currently favorite Sarah J. Maas character. Tall, strong, dark hair, “alphahole” in Bryce’s words. This fallen angel is perfection. I love how annoyed he gets with Bryce, but also if anyone does her wrong he will go after them.

Do you love any of these fictional guys as well? I’ll be back with a part 3 sooner or later! Probably sooner since I’ve already added to my list since I took this photo last week!

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