SLD: Aaron Blackford Appreciation

Aaron Blackford in The Spanish Love Deception is for sure one of my book boyfriends and he will definitely be in my next book boyfriend round-up. In the meantime, I wanted to do an appreciation post for him for multiple reasons. It all started a couple weeks ago when I heard the song “We Are Young” by Fun after I hadn’t heard it in so long. Probably years. If you’re familiar with the song you know the chorus says “carry me home tonight” and it made me think of all the times Aaron carries Lina around and how at one point she jokes that he has to carry her everywhere from now on because walking isn’t going to cut it anymore. I had joked (sort of) that I wish I had someone to just carry me around lol.

I had plans to make a Reel with some lines from the book when he’s carrying her and use the Fun song, but then Elton John and Britney Spears came out with their “Hold Me Closer” song and it seemed too good to pass up using that song. Either way, both songs make me think of Aaron and Lina. I can’t wait for The American Roommate Experiment – the spinoff featuring Lina’s best friend Rosie and her cousin Lucas. It comes out tomorrow! I pre-ordered it a while ago and can’t wait for it to arrive. Part of the reason I pre-ordered it is because with the pre-order you’re supposed to get sent some bonus chapters/scenes from Aaron’s pov in The Spanish Love Deception. I cannot wait for those to make it to my email inbox!

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