Morally Grey MMCs I Love

My favorite color is morally grey, anyone else? I love morally grey mmcs or male main characters. I’ve rounded up some morally grey mmcs I love.

  • Rhysand from the A Court of Thorns of Roses series. Everyone thinks Rhys is this evil, menacing figure as the High Lord of the Night Court, but he actually does everything to protect his people and inner circle. He will do anything for Feyre and his loved ones.
  • Hades from the A Touch of Darkness series. We all know Hades from Greek mythology. The God of the Underworld is supposed to be bad, but his people are actually very happy and his love for Persephone is so good.
  • Commander Rip from the Plated Prisoner series. Everyone believes that Commander Rip, the head of the army for Fourth Kingdom, is brutal and a ruthless killer who rips people’s heads off. But he’s more than just a commander for King Rot. He sees Auren as more than just the gilded favored of King Midas and will do anything for her.
  • Alex Volkov from Twisted Love in the Twisted series. Once Ava cracks his icy exterior, you see how caring, loving, and protective he is. But, he still has his secrets and has no qualms with killing people who cross him or Ava.
  • Nico Russo from The Sweetest Oblivion from the Made series. Nico is the head of the Russo mafia family and will kill someone who looks at Elena the wrong way without a second thought.
  • Christian Allister from The Maddest Obsession from the Made series. Christian is an FBI agent who works closely with the mafia and with direct ties to the Bratva in Russia too. He is cold and doesn’t let people get close to him. Except for Gianna.
  • Ronan Markov from The Darkest Temptation from the Made series. Ronan is Christian’s brother and high up in the Bratva. He holds Mila captive on his country estate to get her father to come out of hiding, but he actually is thoughtful and might be the one person in Mila’s life who cares about her the most.

Do you also love any of these morally grey men? I’m already working on a new list!

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