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Starting Your Own Travel Blog in 2023

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Considering starting your own travel blog in 2023? As we approach the new year, many of us are making resolutions that will allow us to improve our lives in some way or another. Starting your own travel blog can help to boost your happiness by encouraging travel or could even offer the option of a new flexible and enjoyable career that you will make money from. Whatever your purpose and goals, here are a few top tips that will help you to create the travel blog you have in mind.

Know Your Angle

What kind of travel blogger do you want to be? Knowing your angle before getting started can help to make sure that you gather the right material and content along the way and turn it into blog posts that suit your purpose perfectly. If you’re simply planning on creating a travel blog as a form of journal or to share with your nearest and dearest as a record of what you’re up to, you can take a much more casual approach. If you’re planning on making a career from your travel blog and want to attract a broad readership, as well as brands to collaborate with, you’re going to need to create content that you can easily monetise. For the first angle, you can do whatever you want, keeping things casual and lighthearted. If you choose the second, you should do more research into what works and what doesn’t. Professionals like Kimberly Anderberg can offer inspiration and guidance here.

Plan Some Trips

You need to travel if you’re going to be a travel blogger! Plan some trips for the next twelve months. The types of trips you plan will depend on your budget, the time you can take to travel and where you want to go on a personal level. Create a bucket list of destinations and start planning travel, accommodation and activities. Ensure your travel documents are in date and take time to get any vaccinations that you may need before heading off. Take essentials such as a camera to snap pictures for your blog.

Create Your Blog

Of course, it’s all good and well gathering your content, but you’re going to need somewhere to actually post it for people to read. There are so many approaches you can take when it comes to creating your blog. You can use blogging platforms that host your blog and offer a choice of templates and layouts. This is by far the easiest option to go with. Another option is to have a web designer or developer create you a whole website from scratch. This is more costly but will have much more individual results.

Create a Content Calendar

If you’re planning on going professional with this, you do need to create some sort of content calendar. This will ensure that your readers remain engaged on a regular basis.

Each of these steps will help you to start out your journey as a travel blogger. This can be a truly fun experience that may even profit you financially!

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