Book Review: The Final Gambit

I finished The Final Gambit, the last book in The Inheritance Games trilogy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes last night. You can read my reviews of The Inheritance Games and The Hawthorne Legacy first if you want.

Some time has passed when The Final Gambit picks up and Avery is just weeks away from her one-year anniversary at Hawthorne House. She inherits everything after the one-year mark of staying at the house. We thought after The Hawthorne Legacy that we knew why Tobias Hawthorne had chosen Avery as his heir, but we learn so much more in The Final Gambit and the real reason he chose her.

Avery thinks she’s gotten into a routine and has a good understanding of everything going on around her. But then a stranger shows up at the gates and it throws everyone for a loop. Avery, the boys, Libby, Max, Thea and Rebecca work together to figure out Tobias’ new puzzle that was sent to Avery when she met the mysterious stranger. The stakes are higher this time with lives on the line. Can Avery and the people she trusts the most figure out the puzzle in time?

This novel had the same fun, mystery, and puzzle solving aspect as the previous books. It’s hard to give a more detailed review without spoilers! But overall, I thought it was a fantastic wrap up to a great series! I can’t wait for The Hawthorne Brothers – a new book set in the same world featuring our favorite brothers – which comes out in 2023!

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