What To Do When You Lose Passion For Your Career

Losing passion for your career is one of the worst feelings in life. Knowing you don’t have the same zest for the job anymore makes it so much harder to get up in the mornings, and you may even notice your own standards slipping. But you shouldn’t just let that kind of love for what you do slip away. Even if it takes a change, you can hold onto it! So at times like these, it’s important to touch base with yourself and figure out what’s going on. As such, we hope the points below can help you out.

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Pin Down What’s Going on

So, what has caused you to feel this way about your career? Is it the workload? Is it the people you work with? Is it where you have to work, or maybe the hours you’re on the clock? There’s always a driving reason behind a loss of passion, and figuring out what it is is the first step. Grab a pen and a notebook and make a list – what are the problems? And once you’ve run out of things to write, go back through and see what they’ve all got in common. 

Get Negotiating

Once you’ve figured out what’s wrong, it’s time to fix it! Yes, that sounds well and good in theory, but we often find it’s much harder to pull off in reality. Which is where your negotiation skills need to come in. Whatever it is that’s wrong, a good talk with your boss or the HR department could be the fix you need. 

A bit of time off, some better working hours, the ability to work from home a couple times a week; these are all things you could easily walk away from that meeting with. You could even bring up the salary, after you do a bit of research

Think About Retraining

Retraining can really help you to pick up the motions and feel like what you do is worth it again. After all, the more you know about your job, the more qualified and prepared you are for it, the better you can do it, and that’s incredibly motivating! Whether you’re a nurse who’d like to go through some emt prep or you’re an accountant looking to develop your business skills, this could be the best next step at this point in your career.

Take Some Time Off

Maybe you just need a break. Maybe that’s truly the long and short of it! And honestly, no one could blame you for that. If you’ve got some personal days to use up, take them all now and enjoy your refresher. Or you could head to a doctor and ask to be signed off, if you’re noticing your mental and physical health declining as a result of your job. Either way, take your time – relax, be spontaneous, and have a break!

Losing passion for your career doesn’t have to be long term. Apply a fix with the ideas above. 

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