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May 2023 Favorites

I’ve been saying in my monthly favorites post for months now that I have less and less favorites to share each month. Sometimes having just two, maybe three things to share lately. Well today beats them all. I only have 1 favorite!

Earlier in May it was Teacher Appreciation Week. On one of the days the teachers were allowed to dress down in jeans if we wore an educational tee. Being an English teacher it seemed that a book tee would work as educational. I love this one from Inkwell Threads that says “All You Need is a Book”. The colors and flowers give it a fun, retro look too! Apologies for all the clutter in the background. I didn’t have time before work to move them out of the line of sight of my bedroom closet door mirror. My nicer, larger mirror in my guest room/office was a no go because I had laundry and stuff in there that morning!

And that’s pretty much my only favorite for May! I’m sure I had a lot of things I liked, but just nothing that stuck out a lot and made me take note of it as my favorite except for this tee!

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