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June 2023 Favorites

Last month I only had one favorite, but this month I have 3 to share! I know, it’s still only 3 but it’s better than 1.

My first favorite is this resin page holder I got from Juniper Daisy Design on Etsy. I don’t see it on her page anymore, but it might just be out of stock!

My second favorite are these V-Line Lifting Hydrogel Collagen Masks. You’ve probably seen people wear them on Instagram. It’s like a thicker sheet mask and looks like a chin strap and you hook it to your ears. It hydrates and tightens under your chin to help define your jawline and temporarily get rid of the double chin! I think it really works!

And my last favorite is the Ed Sheeran Concert. I had so much fun and he’s just as amazing live as I remembered from a few years ago!

That wraps up my June favorites! I’m going on vacation in July so maybe I’ll have even more favorites to share next month!

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