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What I’m Watching – Spring

I know it was not that long ago that I did a “What I’m Watching” post. My last one was just over a month ago. But since that post went up I watched (and finished watching) a few other shows and I wanted to talk about them now rather than waiting til later.

  1. Victoria –  I wrote a whole post about this show and how much I loved it! I watched the whole season on Masterpiece on PBS last month and was hooked. It follows Queen Victoria beginning from when she first becomes queen, learns what it means to be queen, falls in love with Albert, etc.
Victoria - Masterpiece Theater

2. Homeland – Homeland‘s 6th season ended last night and talk about a twist and set up for the next season at the end of that episode! I’ve never watched a full season of Homeland until this season believe it or not. I’d always seen an episode here and there, but for some reason this season just really drew me in and kept me wanting more. Side note: The president-elect this past season’s name is Elizabeth Keane which kept making me think of The Blacklist because Megan Boone’s character’s name is Liz (Elizabeth) Keen on that show!


3. Trial & Error – This show has been on the air for a few weeks now and is pretty funny. It is a mockumentary style show like The Office. Instead of the cameras following around office workers at a paper company like Dunder Mifflin in The Office, the cameras follow around a group of people trying to prove or disprove the innocence of a man accused of murder. John Lithgow plays the accused. He is charged with murdering his wife and swears he didn’t do it. However, everything he does seems to make him look more and more guilty. His lawyer and daughter are probably the only characters on the show who are not completely inept. The rest of the team is crazy or offer very little value to the team like Sherri Shephard’s character who has a condition where she can’t recognize any faces!


4. The Blacklist: Redemption – This is possibly my current favorite show! This Blacklist spinoff stars Ryan Eggold as fan favorite Tom Keen and follows him trying to uncover information about his birth parents. It is action packed. If you like The Blacklist then watching this is a no-brainer. It has more action than its original counterpart and it is still keeping me guessing about what the real story is. The season finale is this week! I hope it returns next season and has some more overlap with the original.


Have you watched any of these shows?

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