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March 2018 Favorites

I know I always say I can’t believe another month has gone by, but I really can’t believe it’s going to be April tomorrow! How are we 3 months in to 2018 already?

As with the end of every month I am rounding up some of my favorites from the month.

First up, I have an oldie but a good – the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Pencil in the shade “Jet”. I love how smoothly it glides on.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Pencil

My next favorite is my gold layered necklacefrom Baublebar. I’ve shared it twice now, I think, on the blog. Once when I wore it with a gold sequined striped top and again when I wore a kelly green button down for St. Patrick’s Day.. The necklace is just so pretty and works with so many different looks.

Kelly Green Blouse + Gold Layered Necklace

Next up, my new Champion strappy sports bra I got from Target. If you follow me regularly, especially if you follow my Instagram stories, then you’ll know I’ve been doing BBG – today’s day 42! Anyway, since I’m working out 6 days a week I needed to get rid of a few old sports bras that were wearing thin or not fitting anymore. This one is sooo comfortable and I love how much it stretches. Nothing’s worse than having a difficult time trying to take a sports bra off. I also love that it’s lightly lined so there’s more support and so that it’s not see through.

Champion Strappy Sports Bra 1Champion Strappy Sports Bra

Another style favorite of mine this month are my new jeans from Old Navy. When I was at Old Navy last month I got the Rockstar 24/7 jeans and they are extremely comfortable! They stretch like leggings and I know they make Rockstar 24/7 jeggings, but I think these are the jeans because they have the button and zipper. Anyway, they are so soft and the amount of stretch is perfect. I have been loving wearing them.

Rockstar 24-7 Jeans 1Rockstar 24-7 Jeans

So I know Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation, came out months ago and I’ve been listening to it on/off since then, but for some reason in March I was listening to it all the time. All the time. While not all the songs on this album are as catchy as her previous hits, I immediately liked a few of them back when the album first came out. Now that I listened to it for weeks on repeat there are so many more that really grew on me to the point of love.


Do you watch the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? I love when he does musical numbers and mashups. When Will Smith was on last week they did a “History of TV Theme Songs” and it was so fun!

Lastly, besides Taylor Swift, there have been a few songs I’ve really liked this month. One of them is Zedd ft. Maren Morris’s “The Middle”.

That’s my roundup for March! What are some things you loved this month?

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