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Who doesn’t love a game night? When I was sent the new game, Sculptapalooza, I asked a few of my friends if they wanted to do a game night to play the game. I love that the game has simple rules and is easy to follow. It’s sometimes too much work when there are a gazillion rules and difficult steps to follow. Luckily Sculptapalooza is easy to play and actually a lot of fun!

The game gives you a big chunk of play foam, which first of all let’s talk about how awesome play foam is! It’s so easy to mold and best of all it isn’t sticky or messy or anything. It’s not like clay or putty where it gets messy and you immediately feel like you need to wash your hands. So you get the play foam, a timer, player pieces, a little board, and cards. For 4 people, you make 2 teams of 2. When you roll a number, you take a card and you have to do the item that corresponds to that number on your card. If you get the lightning symbol you take one of those cards. So for example, if I rolled a 3 and that’s for molding the item with the playfoam with your eyes closed, I would have to do that and hope my partner guesses it correctly before time runs out. If you get a lightning card, you can keep going with cards until time runs out, so if you and your partner are on a roll you can earn more points. Easy to follow!

SculptapaloozaSculptapalooza 1Sculptapalooza 3Sculptapalooza 2Sculptapalooza 4Sculptapalooza 5Sculptapalooza 6

My friends and I had a lot of laughs playing this game. The 2nd photo from the bottom is a bird cage my partner made – I didn’t get it. I thought it was a gazebo! The last photo is of a car and obviously our opponents got that one. I was actually pretty good at the ones where I had to close my eyes. Some of the other numbers allowed you to use props or your body. We were dying laughing when our friend had to do “jockey” and tried to mold a horse and then pretended to ride it! But even funnier was when my partner tried to mold “baby” and it did not look like a baby at all. I guessed things like snowman, Olaf, penguin, etc. When she told us it was a baby our first reaction was “what?!” followed by laughter and one of our friends asking her what kind of babies she sees!

Sculptapalooza was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to playing again. It was easy to follow and even easier to clean up. Playfoam is really amazing! You can buy the game on Amazon and it’s good for anyone 10+.

*I was sent this game complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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