Book Review: Anatomy of a Meet Cute

Anatomy of a Meet Cute by Addie Woolridge was sent to me a while ago and I read it this week. It’s a contemporary romcom that follows Samantha, or Sam, Holbrook – a young doctor who is doing a fellowship an OBGYN fellowship in San Francisco.

The novel begins with Sam on a flight back to San Francisco after visiting her brother when one of the flight attendants asks for a doctor to help a passenger in distress. That’s when she meets Dr. Grant Gao. Grant did not hear the announcement because of his noise cancelling headphones and Sam mistakenly thought he was the passenger in distress. Embarrassed to find out that Grant is a doctor and that she, as a new doctor, wasn’t at her best during the incident on the plane, she hopes to never cross paths with him again. Of course, then she goes to her first day at the hospital and finds out he’s a senior fellow. Sam tries to avoid him as much as she can but they work in the same department and when Sam gets the idea to begin an initiative for a birthing center to help expectant and new mothers who have less resources, she needs Grant’s help to serve as an advisor. Will sparks fly the more time they spend together?

I enjoyed this novel and thought it was a cute slow burn romance. It did have more of a focus on the healthcare system in the US than I thought it would for a romcom especially considering the title of the book, but it was interesting. Sam annoyed me a little bit because a lot of the issues or dilemmas she finds herself in are of her own doing, but it didn’t make me like the book less. Although I did like all the side characters more than her! Overall, it was an enjoyable read!

*This book was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links*.

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