Book Review: 1 Last Shot

I’ve been waiting for the newest book in the Fight Game series by Nikki Castle for a while so I was so excited for the release of 1 Last Shot. I had it pre-ordered and everything so it would be delivered to my Kindle as soon as it came out. Of course, it came out while I was at the hospital and since I wasn’t feeling well I had to wait to read it, but I finally did!

The couple for 1 Last Shot was hinted at in the previous book, 3 Count. It focuses on Kane and Isabella. Kane is the newcomer to the gym, keeps to himself, and trains really aggressively. Aiden calls him “angry man”. Isabella is new to Philadelphia and walks into the gym by accident when she was looking for a dance studio. She is a former professional ballerina who had her career cut short after an injury. Now she’s looking for a fresh start in Philly.

Kane and Isabella find each other instantly attractive, but Kane is quiet and grumpy with a dark past and Isabella is sunshine, goodness, and new to living on her own and taking care of herself. The two are total opposites, but end up being neighbors and becoming friends and more. Kane wants to help Isabella navigate life on her own and feels protective of her. Isabella wants to help Kane open up more and smile.

I loved this book so much. Kane and Isabella were so perfect together and I loved how even though they were opposites they were just what the other needed. It was so beautiful to watch Kane learn to trust Isabella and let someone be there for him when he’s never known that in his life.

Normally in a series like this I want a lot of page time and interaction with the previous characters and we do see Jax, Hailey, Tristan, Remy, Aiden, and Dani, but not a lot. However, I was so wrapped up in Kane and Isabella that I didn’t mind at all.

This can be read as a standalone or out of order, but just be aware that there will be spoilers to previous books as the couples from those books are shown. I highly recommend reading the whole series from the beginning if you haven’t yet!

Read this if you want a spicy, opposites attract, grumpy sunshine, sports romance!

P.S. If you’re wondering why I have ballet slippers it’s because a few years ago a girl I grew up dancing with opened her own dance studio. I had signed up for adult ballet classes, but the class ended up being canceled because of something with the instructor not being able to do the class or something. So I still have the shoes even though I didn’t wear them!

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