Book Review: Unfortunately Yours

A few days ago I shared my review for Secretly Yours, the first book in the Vine Mess duology by Tessa Bailey. I read Unfortunately Yours immediately after and loved it!

The couple in this novel was hinted at in Secretly Yours. Unfortunately Yours follows Natalie Vos and August Cates. Natalie is the younger sister of Julian from the first book. She had a really successful financial career in New York City and was engaged to a colleague. But when she takes a risk at work and costs the company billions of dollars, she’s let go and her fiancé breaks up with her. Now she’s back at the family vineyard in Napa and trying to figure out her next step. One idea she has to to open her own firm with a former colleague, but she needs the capital. She has a trust fund that would be really helpful, but her estranged father put old school stipulations on his kids’ trust funds – they must be employed and married to access it.

August is a former Navy SEAL who opens a winery to honor a friend. He knows nothing about vineyards or making wine, but he’s determined for his winery to be successful. It’s been tough though and unless he convinces the bank to give him a loan, he’ll lose everything. But if he can get on the bank’s good side by showing he’s marrying into a prominent local family, will they give him the money?

Natalie and August get one each other’s nerves, but there’s an undeniable attraction. Can they embark on a marriage of convenience and both get what they want?

I enjoyed Secretly Yours, but really loved Unfortunately Yours. I love a marriage of convenience spicy romance where the guy falls first and harder. I loved seeing Natalie and August get to know each other and try to deny the feelings they had for one another. I found parts of Natalie so relatable and loved both her and August as characters and together. And the epilogue was so good! I love when the author does an epilogue that takes place years later.

Read this if you want a spicy marriage of convenience romcom.

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