Books with Hiking

Full disclosure, I did not hike to take these photos haha. I drove up to a local viewpoint because the day was nice and even though there’s not a lot of fall foliage yet, I wanted to take a drive up. I thought it was a good opportunity to bring a few books with me that have hiking as a major part of the book. Well, except for A Court of Silver Flames but I’m including it since Nesta struggles with the 10,000 steps to take her from the House of Wind to Velaris so I thought it would be funny to include it!

  • All Rhodes Lead Here – Aurora moves to Colorado and wants to complete all the hikes her mom did.
  • Something Wilder – Lily and Leo go on an adventure through the red rock canyons.
  • A Court of Silver Flames – As mentioned above I’m including this because Nesta slowly tackles the 10,000 steps.

Have you read any of these books?

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