Book Review: Accidentally Amy

I read Accidentally Amy last week by Lynn Painter and I have now read all the books she has out!

The novel follows Isabella Shay or Izzy and Blake Phillips. The first morning of the season that Starbucks has their PSLs available, Izzy waits for her order, but it’s taking forever and it’s also the first day of her new job. Panicked that she’s going to be late waiting for this drink, she makes a pivotal decision. The barista has called for “Amy” three times with no one coming to claim it and the drink is the exact one Izzy ordered. She decides to take the drink. And then she bumps into a stranger – a hot stranger – and spills the PSL all over his shirt. But he’s not mad, he’s immediately enamored by her just as she is with him. The only problem is he thinks her name is Amy and when she gets to work she finds out he is one of the vice presidents of the company and her department falls under him.

Izzy and Blake like each other so much, but don’t want to break any company rules. They can’t cut each other out of their lives so they decide they’re both capable of being just friends. But are they?

This book had the hilarious banter that Lynn Painter is famous for. There were so many witty, funny moments. I loved Izzy and Blake so much and all the loopholes they found to be able to hang out with each other. They were both just so lovable!

Overall, I loved the book!

Read this if you want a spicy romcom with the friends to lovers and meet cute tropes.

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