Book Review: The Wicked King

Earlier this week I read The Wicked King, which is the second book in the Folk of the Air (Cruel Prince) series.

The Wicked King picks up shortly after the end of The Cruel Prince. Cardan is now the High King of Elfhame and no one knows that he has an oath to Jude so she can control him. Oak is living with Vivi in the mortal world to keep him safer and so he can enjoy his childhood before he comes back to claim the throne.

But things can never be easy, right? People, including Cardan’s now imprisoned older brother, Balekin, are still plotting to overthrow/kill him. Jude does her best to stay ahead of all those plotting against them, but she is warned that someone close to her will betray her…and they do. Everything Jude has work towards could be jeopardized by her enemies and her adoptive father/sort of enemy Madoc. Who can she trust? Meanwhile, her and Cardan begin to admit their feelings for each other too.

I really liked this book, but felt like there was a lot going on and not a lot at the same time? Let me clarify. So much was going on, but at times it still felt to move slowly, which is weird. Nonetheless, I still liked the book because I love Jude and Cardan. I love that we got glimpses of them showing feelings for each other. This is YA and closed door so nothing detailed or graphic, but they allude to them getting together.

I felt slightly less invested in this book than in The Cruel Prince, but I still enjoyed it. The ending broke my heart though! I will finish the series with The Queen of Nothing after I finish Iron Flame!

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