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5 Tips To Prevent Dry Skin During Winter

From acne to dry skin, winter throws plenty of problems your way. You should already know how to combat winter acne, but what about dry skin that is at best uncomfortable and at worst can cause cracks or even bleeding? With the temperatures soon to drop (and which have dropped in many places), it’s time to learn how to prevent dry skin during winter. 

Adjust Your Bathing Routine 

You might love a soak in the tub after a stressful day, but prolonged exposure to the hot water in a bath or shower can lead to dry skin. Furthermore, some of your favorite bathtime essentials, such as bubble bath and shampoo or conditioner could also dry out your skin, so switch it up and use gentle cleansers to prevent irritation. Once you’re out of the shower, blot your skin dry rather than scrubbing as your towel may not be soft enough to avoid rashes and other discomfort. 

Apply Moisturizer After Washing Your Hands 

You may also spend a lot of time washing your hands during the winter, especially if you work with kids. However, washing your hands too much causes the skin to dry out, so you should use moisturizing skincare products immediately afterward. This technique can supply the vital hydration you lost while washing your hands and avoids cracks and other issues associated with dry skin. 

Cover Up 

Even though you’d much prefer to spend all winter cuddled up indoors, you’ll need to step out into the world eventually to do your holiday shopping or meet friends. While covering up from head to toe might not be stylish, it will prevent you from suffering from dry skin as frequently. 

Make sure to invest in winter gloves and a scarf that will protect the parts of your body that are most exposed. You can also apply lip balm to prevent dry lips. 

Ease Off With Scrubs and Exfoliators 

Winter feels like a great time to freshen up and work on becoming a brand-new you. However, while some routines can stay the same, you should ease off using scrubs and exfoliators as these can strip away your skin’s natural defenses against cold weather. 

Much like drying yourself too vigorously can cause abrasions, too much exfoliation also irritates. If you need to exfoliate, these winter exfoliation tips can guide you in the right direction without risking dry skin and other issues. 

Use Your Humidifier 

These tips focus on your daytime routine, but your skin could also dry out overnight, which could mean your day starts with disaster. Investing in a humidifier is an excellent way to avoid dry skin overnight and will help you feel refreshed. 

Furthermore, dry air can cause intense coughing fits, so if this is something you’re familiar with, you should purchase a humidifier and place it close to your bed to enjoy the full benefits. 

Perfect Skin 

You might still struggle to achieve perfect skin during winter, but these tips should help you avoid the issues that come from dry skin. Meaning you can spend the winter months feeling comfortable and happy as you celebrate the holiday season with your nearest and dearest. 

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