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    The Hidden Exotic Fraser Island Of Queensland, Australia

    You may think that the stereotypical image of Australia is this huge barren wasteland where only the desert beatles and snakes can thrive. The hot sun is like no other in the world. It’s merciless and will suck the moisture off your skin in just a few minutes. That’s why the biggest and best cities in the country are all coastal settlements. Being close to the water is vital not just for leisure but for the health of the people. However, don’t let this part of the world fool you into think all it offers is sand and sun. There’s something hidden away just off the waist of Queensland. Here…

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    Adding Switzerland to Your Travel Bucket List

    Image Source When we plan a vacation, the majority of us automatically think about sun, sea, and sand. This makes sense. It’s always nice to get away to a beach or spend our days sipping cocktails from the all-inclusive bar next to a pool. We get a chance to truly let our hair down and relax and can head home feeling refreshed, relaxed, and recuperated. But it’s important to bear in mind that there are alternative forms of holidays out there. Let’s take things to the opposite extreme and consider a trip to Switzerland. Rather than a warm atmosphere, you’re likely to be greeted by frost and snowy mountainscapes. This…

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    Who Said Route 66 Was The Only American Road Trip Worth Taking?

    The great American road trip is something of a cultural icon. From Kerouac to Thelma and Louise, our greatest figures have paved the way here. Only when you’re out on the open road for weeks on end can you come to appreciate the beauty that is America. With the wind in your hair and some of your top American hits blaring, you’ll never feel more patriotic than on a trip like this.   via GIPHY   Naturally, if you’re planning a great American road trip, you’ll likely want to hit Route 66. It’s difficult to imagine a more classic option than this. In fairness, this a route which passes through…

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    Rediscover The Pleasure Of Nature

    With every generation, it seems that western civilization is moving away from nature. When your grandparents probably still knew the flowers in their garden by name, most adults today wouldn’t recognize a potted geranium. Admittedly, you don’t need to know the name of each pant to appreciate its beauty. But in our fast-paced society, nobody has time anymore to enjoy the marvels of Mother Nature. I have house plants, you say, I love nature. And while this might be true, you need from time to time to rediscover your connection with nature. You have to physically dedicate time to engage and interact with the life around you, in its mineral…

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    #fbf Jeweled Tree

    It’s Friday! I know it was a shorter work week with the day off on Monday for Martin Luther King Day, but I have been so busy and doing things nonstop all while feeling like I could fall asleep at any moment. I won’t be able to sleep in this weekend much because it’s a busy weekend, but at least I can get in a few more hours of sleep than I have been getting on weeknights. To celebrate it being Friday I’m doing another flashback Friday, #fbf, post. It’s been a little over two years since I was last in Georgia to visit friends and family. On my last…

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    Japanese Jelly Candies

    Happy Friday! It has been a week. So this weekend, and it’s a long weekend, is so needed. I was scrolling through the photos on my phone the other day and saw this photo I took back in September of a box of jelly candies my parents bought in Japan and thought it would make for a nice, colorful flashback Friday. Back in August I went on a family vacation to Japan and Hong Kong and before heading to Hong Kong from Japan we were at the airport trying to use up some of our Japanese yen. The duty free shops were great for some last minute gifts for others and…

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    A Trip Where The Wild Things Are In Missouri

    There are plenty of good reasons to travel to Missouri, a state that brings you the Gateway Arch Museum, the fantastic Silver Dollar City amusement park, and Mark Twain’s home, now kept as a museum. However, the richness of this midwestern state truly lies with the wild things, both in the national parks it has to offer as well as to the local tradition of cultivating and preserving it all. Link Take a trip on the green side When it comes to visiting a city, visiting at least one park is always recommended. It offers a nice break away from the hustle and bustle in most cases, but the Missouri…

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    Finding Good Food In The US of A

    (Image Source) Getting your hands on a bite to eat while in America is something a lot of people take for granted. With the sheer number of food places available, you can go practically anywhere in a US city to eat something, and it’s been this way for a long time. Of course, though, the vast majority of the options you will find won’t fit the ticket. Instead, if you want to eat something great, you have to know how to look for it, and that is exactly what this post is here to show you. With all of this in mind, finding food on your travels around the US…

  • Del Mar - Paella de Pescado y Marisco
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    DC Diary: Food & Heading Home

    I’m back home in NJ! My trip to DC was a nice few days away and now I’m busy with Secret Santa with friends and New Year’s Eve. I have exactly 1 day (New Year’s Day) to just stay home and not have to do anything before I go back to work. In the meantime while I’ve got a few spare moments, I wanted to share where and what I ate in DC and recap my last day aka my drive home. When I arrived in DC on Wednesday, we pretty much only had time to settle in to the hotel, walk around, and then go to dinner. We had…

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    DC Diary: Museum Hopping

    Today I head home from my little trip to DC. It was a good amount of time in the city, although there is more that I need to come back to see. I didn’t get to go to Alexandria, as previously planned due to holiday hours for the water taxi, and we didn’t want to rush. There are also so many more museums I want to see and ones that I want to spend more time in. But, 2 full days in DC was a nice little trip and I’d never been here during the holidays. Yesterday was rainy for most of the day so it worked out well that…