• Toronto - Highway
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    Photo Challenge: Peek

    We’ve made it to Friday! The week went by pretty quickly, but I’m so ready for the weekend and resting up. I’m feeling so drained and I’m excited that Thanksgiving break is just around the corner! But enough about all that, let’s get to my photo challenge response. Last week’s photo challenge was “Peek” and this photo I took on the highway into Toronto back in August came to mind. If you don’t know, I went to Canada for a long weekend in August to visit family. I took this photo as we approached the city and could see some of the city skyline. You can just see the famous…

  • Royal Botanical Gardens - Flowers in Canoe

    Royal Botanical Garden

    If you caught my post earlier this week about my trip to Niagara Falls, then you know that was just a stop over on my way to Toronto to visit family. Visits with family usually consist of catching up and eating. But one afternoon that I was there for my long weekend away, I went to the Royal Botanical Gardens outside Toronto. As many of you know, I love flowers so a botanical garden is a great place for me to spend a few hours! The gardens were really nice and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went because it is towards the end of the summer so I wasn’t…

  • Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls

    Exactly 10 days ago I was in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. I went with my family up to Toronto to visit family and we decided ahead of time to stop in Niagara (on the Canadian side) for a night on the way up. I hadn’t been to Niagara Falls since I was probably 7 or 8 years old so I wanted to see it as an adult. All I remembered from back then was wearing a poncho and getting soaked on the boat ride through the falls. We didn’t go on a boat ride this time which was fine with me. I just admired the view from above! My family…

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    Casa Imperial

    My cousin’s wedding was this past Sunday in Toronto, so since a good number of my family (extended and immediate) were all in the same place we went out for a big family dinner the following night. My family is Chinese so when it comes to “formal” family dinners, more often than not it will be Chinese cuisine. For dinner on Monday we went to Casa Imperial for some Chinese fine-dining. From the outside it does not look like a Chinese restaurant at all, let alone a restaurant. The restaurant is housed in a historic Victorian-Style house and the interior is a wonderful mix of european and asian decor. For years the building…

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    Tall Ship Kajama

    I’m headed home to NJ this morning from Toronto. I have an approximately 9 hour long drive ahead of me, but I’m really excited to get home to my own bed! On our last day in town yesterday, we went for a boat cruise on Lake Ontario from the Toronto Harbor on one of the Tall Ships — the Kajama to be exact. It’s pronounced with a “y” sound like in spanish, although I think it’s more fun to say it with a hard j rhyming it with pajama. The boat cruise takes you on a traditional 165 foot schooner around the harbor and onto Lake Ontario. While you enjoy…