Tall Ship Kajama

I’m headed home to NJ this morning from Toronto. I have an approximately 9 hour long drive ahead of me, but I’m really excited to get home to my own bed! On our last day in town yesterday, we went for a boat cruise on Lake Ontario from the Toronto Harbor on one of the Tall Ships — the Kajama to be exact. It’s pronounced with a “y” sound like in spanish, although I think it’s more fun to say it with a hard j rhyming it with pajama.

The boat cruise takes you on a traditional 165 foot schooner around the harbor and onto Lake Ontario. While you enjoy the views, the crew mans the sails. It’s very relaxing and a nice way to see parts of the city skyline.





Besides taking in the city from the water, you can see other people sailing, kayaking, etc.


The temperature was nice on the boat. While sitting in the harbor waiting to take off, it started to get a bit hot with the sun beating on us, but once we started out onto the water, the breeze felt really nice. However, it was really foggy off into the distance so some of my pictures have quite the ominous look!

Luckily, the weather held out while we were on the boat, and didn’t start to pour until after we were back on land and able to seek refuge in a shopping center.





If you’re in the Toronto area, I definitely recommend taking a tall ship boat cruise around the harbor. Kick back, relax, and take in the city views!

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