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Visiting the US is often a challenge for outsiders, with choosing which part of this massive country you’d like to see the most. With cities stretching around the entire coast, along with a large inland population, travellers are spoilt for choice when they embark on a journey to this part of the world. If you know America well, you probably won’t have so much trouble with this. Of course, though, there will have to come a time where you choose the state you’ll want to see the most, and that what this post is for. Giving you an idea of the best ways to explore The Golden State, it will be showing you why California is one of the US’ most loved.


Road Trippin’
Hitting the road and being the master of your own destiny is always an exciting way to enjoy a vacation. Not only does this approach free you from the shackles of public transport, but it also enables you to move far further and faster. Hiring a car can be done fairly affordably before you set off, and it’s always worth researching the law before you try and do something like this, as different rules could apply. Once you have a car, seeing most of what California has to offer will be a breeze, with the only real challenge being finding the cheapest fuel.

Los Angeles and San Francisco are the largest cities in California, welcoming millions of tourists each and every year. Most people will only visit one of these unique areas, though, rather than seeing them both on one trip, even though the journey isn’t too bad. Taking around 6 hours without stops, you’d be able to fit loads of little sightseeing breaks in along the way. Starting in San Diego will only add an additional 2 hours or so to your drive, while giving you the chance to see far more, and potentially aiding in the next mode of transport in this list.


Take To The Sky
While it may not seem as conventional as driving a normal car, taking to the sky in a plane or helicopter can be a surprisingly effective way to see a large part of this state. There are a lot of places which offer this sort of service. Taking a look at things to do in Carlsbad CA will show you where you can begin on a journey like this, with this part of San Diego being popular amongst flight enthusiasts. This will always cost more than driving between locations, but you will also be paying for the chance to get a view of the beautiful landscapes this state has to offer like no other.

California is a long and thin state, covering a huge range of climate ranges. This has created a rich variety when it comes to the different types of landscapes you’ll find here, ranging from mountains and forests, to deserts and beaches. The only way to get a true appreciation for this is from the sky. You can see all of these areas in a single day if you want to, with helicopter rides being the preferred option for those who want to see as much as possible. Of course, though, there are other ways to fly, and the choice is up to you.


Hit The Water
One of the key benefits of California for a lot of vacationers is the fact that is has such a large portion of coastline considering its size. Boasting some of the world’s most famous surfer spots and sports beaches, you will find few places in the world with so much stunning sea to soak up. Of course, though, this section is all about seeing California from the ocean itself, rather than on the shore. There are loads of ways to achieve this goal, ranging from hiring your own boat to joining a large group for a short cruise.

While you will be travelling by sea, you will still get a good chance to see a range of the coastal cities and towns California has to offer this way. Cruises are best for this, as they will make the days you spend on the water far more comfortable than being on a smaller boat. A lot of these adventures are designed to enable travellers to see as much as possible, stopping off in major locations along the way, and even providing you with experiences which you can’t find elsewhere. This is a great way to beat the frustration of California’s busy roads.


Hoof It
Budget travel is becoming increasingly popular, in the modern age. Even if you have plenty to spend on your break, seeing how little you can invest into something like this can be a great way to push yourself to try a set of new things. Walking your way across this state will take a very long time, and you will probably need to use some public transport methods along the way, but this isn’t such a big problem. Going down this route can make accommodation very cheap, too, with options like camping being opened up.

There are huge parts of California which can’t be seen from a lot of forms of transport. Getting up into the mountains, crossing deserts, and delving into forests are all easiest when you’re on foot, giving you a good opportunity to take your time to soak up all of the stunning landscapes around you. This sort of option can be used in conjunction with the others in this post, enabling you to make the most of any situation this part of the world could throw at you. Making the most of a vacation always takes a little bit of work.


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Hopefully, this post will inspire you to take the plunge and start organising your trip to The Golden State. A lot of people visit this part of the world, and this is for good reason. There are few places which can offer such a rich and diverse experience, especially in such a small package.

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