California’s Best Hidden Gems

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When you think about traveling to California, you might just think of the famous destinations. You know the places I mean – San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Hollywood. These are huge draws for tourists, but once you’ve visited them you might want to see what else the state has to offer. There are so many hidden gems in California and you don’t always have to stick to the big tourist destinations every time you visit the state.

Here are some of the best hidden gems that might be able to distract you away from the usual tourist traps.


Fort Bragg
If you head to the Mendocino Coast, you will find the popular Fort Bragg. This former army garrison has some unbelievable vistas of the ocean. The weather is usually very good all year round, so you will be able to enjoy a day at its beach no matter what time of year you visit. Fort Bragg is also very close to the Mackerricher State Park, where you can go rock pooling and spot seals.


Another fab location that is worth visiting in California is the city of Anaheim. It’s located just outside of Los Angeles, so it could be a brilliant day trip. If you look for a hotel near Honda Center in Anaheim, California, you will find some really great deals. Plus, you will be right next door to the hockey stadium so will be able to watch a thrilling game. Anaheim is also the home to most of California’s theme parks, so it’s a great option for families visiting the area.


Hearst Castle
I’m sure you already know all about the huge villas and amazing architecture on display in Malibu, but did you know that there is an actual castle in Cambria? Hearst Castle has been donated to the state and so visitors can now take a look around its many rooms and large grounds. The fabulous pool has been designed with a Roman temple in mind, and I’m sure most visitors will be awe of the building’s eccentric whimsical feel.


Sierra City
Take a trip out to the North Yuba River and you will come across the pretty Sierra City. The town’s heyday was during the Gold Rush and now things are a lot sleepier. It is situated in a gorgeous landscape, and there is so much history in the town, that tourism is now its biggest industry. If the weather is good, you’ll be able to take a boat out and fish in the North Yuba River.


Bodie Ghost Town
There are quite a few ghost towns dotted around California, but Bodie has to be one of the most popular with visitors. You’ll find it in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It can be quite eerie walking through the deserted town, but it’s interesting how nothing has changed – you’ll feel like you are back in the middle of the Gold Rush!

If you are sick of revisiting San Francisco and LA, you should take a trip to these ace hidden gems!

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